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Amazing eMotion
Futuristic design, revolutionary technology, agility and traffic safety. These are your benefits when you ride a Doohan electric scooter. Turn your every journey into an extraordinary experience!
Ride iTank and iTango with your AM, A1, A2, A, B1 driving license (max. 45 km/h limited speed).
*Available soon: full electric Doohan scooters ridable with no driving licence (max. 25 km/h limited speed)


Ride an electric scooter and save up to 70% of your travelling time in urban areas.


Ride a 100% electric urban vehicle with ZERO CO2 emissions.


Be safe on the road! The independent suspension system for the dual-front-wheel technology offers the highest level of driving safety (DDWT, invention and patent of Doohan Technologies).


Riding a Doohan electric scooter is always a gratifying experience. Enjoy your city and iTank or iTango will take care of your safe ride.

Colourful eMotion

iTank and iTango can be delivered in many colours and can be equipped with one or two batteries.

The electric motors fitted on our vehicles are manufactured by BOSCH and designed exclusively for iTank and iTango.


Technology in motion

The new suspension system keeps the safety distance of the front track, increases the flexibility and reaction time and always gives you the freedom and safety to ride on different road conditions

High Quality design

Doohan Technology designs electric vehicles according to the following guidelines: passion, technological innovation, authenticity and care for the environment. The latest technologies from top manufacturers like BOSCH, Panasonic, LG and other patented smart innovations are fundamental to all our vehicles.  

at its best

The distances and the busy traffic in the city will no longer bother you when riding an iTank or an iTango. The embedded geometric elements make them flow in a simple and balanced way, and turn your every ride into an enjoyable experience. 

Performance Overview

Panasonic or LG

Lithium battery


Customized BOSCH motor with high power output and driving force


Ultra-strong power

128 Nm

Maximum torque


Three hydraulic discs electronic braking system


Side leaning angle


Climbing slope angle


Dual-front-wheel independent suspension system


100% all LED


Your iTank or iTango scooter is equipped with dedicated batteries designed and produced by the top producers Panasonic and LG. These batteries provide a powerful current output and longer service life, therefore, the instant outburst of electric energy is 3 times more powerful than that of the classic lead battery, in order to support the dedicated BOSCH motors.

Panasonic, LG and BOSCH are Doohan’s reliable technology partners.

Over discharge protection

Overcurrent protection

Over charge protection

Battery equalisation

Temperature protection

Short circuit protection