An amazing design completed by a revolutionary technology

iTango can be driven without a driving license or with a category B driving license, depending on the model and version

Prices start from 3213 EUR


Strong motor power

Customized BOSCH motor with high power output, three hydraulic disc brake and EABS electronic brake system, quick response, more safety, more energy recovery, extended range!

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Lightweight body structure

Lightweight is the top priority of today’s automotive industry. iTango uses the upgraded DDWT-S. The new suspension system keeps the safety distance of the front tracks and increases the malleability and reaction time.

Roll-lock System

The front wheels will be locked and stabilized as soon as the Roll-lock button is activated and the vehicle is in parking mode.

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Amazing experience

Fun to drive anywhere, anytime

Smaller battery pack with longer cruising range

iTango is equipped with an advanced battery management system. Cruising range up to 50 km (25km/h) and battery pack weight of only 9 kg