To the future of transportation and beyond

iTank can be driven with a category B and A1 driving license, depending on the model and version

Prices start from 4522 EUR


iTank is equipped with an independent suspension system for the dual-front wheel, which provides superior traction and stability control, so you can safely enjoy your ride.

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This electric moped allows a safer and more stable driving experience than the usual vehicles given its intelligent management system which lets you cruise faster through the crowded city.

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The first international line brands Panasonic and LG supply batteries which are designed exclusively for iTank. The batteries provide a powerful current output in order to sustain the BOSCH motors with continuous and high-power output.

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Travelling with iTank is always fun and carefree. Enjoy your favourite music and let iTank drive you through the city

Powerful energy with 18650 lithium batteries

LG and Panasonic created the 18650 lithium battery, with only 9 kg in weight and maximum 70 km (25 km/h) endurance range. This is how you enjoy your fantastic travel.